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Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Kit black 3
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Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Kit

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Matte White
Jet Black
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The Lumae Skin Microdermabrasion Kit is the advanced new way of getting professional Microdermabrasion treatments from the comfort of your own home.

Designed to make you feel great! Treatments with the Lumae Skin Microdermabrasion Kit are gentle and rejuvenating and work to polish away dead skin cells, refine pores and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and light acne scarring.

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      Whats Included

      Microdermabrasion Handset
      3x Customisable Heads
      20x Filters

      2 YEARS WORTH!

      6-8 Treatments Per Filter

      User Manual
      Charging Cable

      How It Works


      Tiny crystals gently exfoliate the skin while the vacuum draws out oily debris and impurities from the skin.


      Suction increases blood flow circulation and triggers the skins natural healing process to boost collagen leaving your skin vibrant, firm and fresh!


      Once the top layer of dead, tired skin is removed, skin care products can penetrate 10x deeper maximising their effectiveness.

      Visible Results – One Treatment per Week

      Give your skin the attention it deserves!

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